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Those called to faithfully and authentically share the word of God in each age and to each generation are called “catechists”. Catechists are part of the ministry of promoting and educating in faith every one and “who so ever believes” (Mark 16:16 General Directory of Catechists, 220).

Men and women from the parish community volunteer their time and talent to pass on the teachings of Jesus to the children of our parish in grades Kindergarten through grade eight. Through their personal witness to the Gospel, these catechists help our children experience and recognize the presence of God in their lives.

Catechists are registered members of the Parish who are interviewed and who agree to a background check. They also receive Child Protection Program Training. Catechists are provided with ongoing formation and support as they teach the children. They must be at least 16 years of age, a Confirmed Catholic and if married, married in the Catholic Church.

Responsibilities of a Catechist:

  • Accepts children assigned to their class and guides them in the knowledge and love of Jesus and Christian living, using the Sadlier text books that are provided.
  • In addition to the text, a Catechist teaches prayers and a grade appropriate hymn.
  • Prepares and executes weekly lessons for a period of 30 weeks, in a safe environment.
  • Keeps attendance records of students and reports any problems or concerns to the Director.
  • Attends Mass on a regular basis and attends meetings when scheduled.

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